Tuesday, January 25, 2011

let me go I'm freezing

I can’t shave my legs this winter,
to walk carefully around black ice-
or you
I need them, just the way they are
I can go this fast if I feel like it because
when I slow down I see things clearly

so this is it

I look like I’ve been grounded
fish out of water with the windows open and
I complain about the cold but I guess
I’m just standing here naked
take it or,
leave it
but please, don’t just stand there

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


they are howling, chattering,
grinding their teeth
look at how tall she's gotten
I can't believe it, so tall
she's lucky to be so tall,
very lucky, being tall


did you hear?
they fed her miracle grow
just to eat her roots


the others smudge their
dried blue lips on the windowpane
leaving empty speech bubbles
frozen there
(they need us)
to fill in their blanks
vacant, we are
we don't look
but wait
for accidental warmth-
hold my hand, or
take it off completely,
why bother
everything grew uphill this year
and we can’t feel our feet anymore
so chew off some skin,
how soon until we run out

don't look, but-

they're waiting

Friday, January 14, 2011

dress up

An old woman disguised as an elephant
eats all of the peanuts without breathing.
The others remain still,
they swear they hear whispering
Across the street, a tiny old man crosses his legs.
I’ve seen you eat meat, he says.
You’re not fooling anybody.


Last seen romancing an illusion-
they say he sits for days amidst the bronze
ducklings, children feed him bagels.