Saturday, April 30, 2011

get up, stand up

speed up
global warming, they say

sweeping floors, I take things literally
plain bagel toasted with butter for here,
fire games, 10 minutes and I've poisoned my own oxygen
we've got the magic sticks
naughty little nose

oh okay, we were supposed to start running
we've just got so much to talk about these days!

raccoon eyes says,
"I'm bored of kiddie speed, I mean come on"
she's technically a stranger, I'm just
taking a break but it strikes me-
this is our secret, we've all agreed so

the parades can't march fast enough-
meetings, conventions, blog blog blog
blah blah blah

we've got the speed to catch up
keep going

speed away little bees
buzz the hedges,
the world's on fire so
keep going

we found the speed that's got us going
the globe's warming, we're toasted
lawns and wind chimes singing