Tuesday, June 28, 2011


No nonsense, nonchalance is
dressing up like a wolf
boy, barking at the moon so when your voice cracks,
you'll show your teeth with burning cheeks.
Granite state eyes like an august night, poured
all day until we forgot which season.
Talked indoors while we scream upstairs, quiet outside
so we can keep it a secret.
Morning birds these days, the little punks
arguing about who’s seen it first,
well the worm’s already gone
but nobody cares, nonchalant like
so what, I like to play dress up too.
I can keep a secret, I can play along and we’ll give
each other eyes, playing for keeps
indoors and out, up and down but not inside because-
we'll lie to the moon together, ursa major.
You've got the whole damn constellation on your face.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

bravo, you made it

manic rain walks home
to say he won't be home
time line of faces
hung just below the eyes

stays awake for the finale,
after missing every season

she knows, he's got it all
measured out by slice

it takes
a beer
to ask the rain how it is
that you're not cold,
fold into a coat and wait
to be taken off

you're not like me, pretty eyes
fish out of water, gasping for air
the owl and the pussycat

they're sayin' something about the end of the world

haha, you missed it

Saturday, April 30, 2011

get up, stand up

speed up
global warming, they say

sweeping floors, I take things literally
plain bagel toasted with butter for here,
fire games, 10 minutes and I've poisoned my own oxygen
we've got the magic sticks
naughty little nose

oh okay, we were supposed to start running
we've just got so much to talk about these days!

raccoon eyes says,
"I'm bored of kiddie speed, I mean come on"
she's technically a stranger, I'm just
taking a break but it strikes me-
this is our secret, we've all agreed so

the parades can't march fast enough-
meetings, conventions, blog blog blog
blah blah blah

we've got the speed to catch up
keep going

speed away little bees
buzz the hedges,
the world's on fire so
keep going

we found the speed that's got us going
the globe's warming, we're toasted
lawns and wind chimes singing




Friday, March 4, 2011


good morning Chicago
walks in, asking about Harvard Square.
oh easy, I say.
Go until you can’t, right?

Left at the Hess,
stay straight, you'll see
some brains,
business and a bridge-
so get over that and here
you go, zero dollars and zero cents

no dollars, no sense

yes sir, we get lost
around these parts, I say

the old man playing dress up

run fast, far away from
never grand-
we stay lost here, we like it

you have a nice day

Monday, February 28, 2011

do you want a receipt?

last night I dreamed big

photographs of growing up
spread across a red wall

a childhood, exposed to light
in a controlled manner

woke up tomorrow,
February’s 6 am blues

whistling trees, birds with ambition
it's the first it could be the first,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

don't believe in ghosts

my father's beard, blank pages
white out, the smell of

trouble at the dinner table,
correction doesn't come in a bottle

white sheets, no good
shoes will get dirty so easily

little girl, skinned my knee
my mother said to believe in ghosts

children should be seen, not heard
squeezed my knee to make it look worse.

places and people, people going places

STAY COLD, Massachusetts
walking through the pieces of a broken 7-11 sign,
I remember- the sun in my eyes at eight o clock
the color of independence day
STOP FOR A SECOND to see the puppies
a store window- Allston, Massachusetts
two dogs, chained dreamers
it's beautiful here, don't you see?
(we are not puppies anymore)
go ahead, shake hands with winter
you've got yourself a deal!
stay cold, stay cold, stay
HERE, Massachusetts
dreamers, on display