Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You don't need New York City to make me fall in love with you

buy me the Brooklyn Bridge,
make it fancy
this time I can wear lipstick
and a sparkly dress,
trick them all into believing in a city behind my eyes
where I am walking so fast
you might rather ask the train to dinner.

Let's keep this up until we're drunk enough
to confuse ourselves
with other people, you can be the one back home
who knows how to get used to things like the TV
being on all of the time,
and sports.

He thinks of Boston as a town and takes his damn time waking up

forgetting about white noise,
he stands there like a deflating balloon, mouth open
quietly letting everybody believe
that he is loud.

he gets a phone call from a bathroom somewhere in New York City,

I've grown tired of getting used
to things so please let go of my feet,
I'm no good at holding still.

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